Social Media – Random Thoughts

Okkkk sooooo long time no chat, eh???

Sorry for being in and out….I’ve literally have no idea what to do with all of this free time on my hands. Therefore, I’ve been on my phone a lot (which my mom took away from me one night cause I was on it nonstop… friend and I were doing tbh’s on Snapchat). And, if you are familiar with Snapchat, they just came out with the update where you can see where your friends are at any time of the day……aka, you can become a stalker. This has led me to think…..


The struggle is real.

I only have Snapchat (and Pinterest…if that even counts as social media) and I get soooo much anxiety from it. Well, I also get anxiety from texting people sometimes. I really don’t know. I feel like this anxiety is caused because most people are different when they are behind their electronics than in real life. Some people say things online that they wouldn’t have the guts to say in real life. Which leads me to say….

I’m scared to become fake.

I know, I know, I sound like such a weirdo.

But it’s true.

Many people don’t even realize how differently they act on social media than in real life. They can trash you on social media but are your best friend when all electronics are put aside (that hasn’t happen to me but I feel like it has happened to many people). I scared to get carried away into social media that I will change and UGH WHY DOES MY 14 YEAR OLD BRAIN GET SO ANXIOUS ABOUT THIS?!?!?

I also feel like social media helps sets up sooooo many high standards that are most of the times unrealistic. For example, many people show off their clothes and the way they look and their newest gadgets. Seeing this, especially if it is from celebrities, makes people think that is where they need to get to in order to be “normal”. I DON’T KNOW PLEASE DON’T JUDGE MY BRAIN’S WEIRD THOUGHTS!!!

However, I do believe there is an upside to social media.

It can be used to promote a good cause and to help people reconnect with each other and stay in touch. Even with all of this rant-ness, I still want an Instagram lolll.

At the end of the day, I don’t think social media itself is the big problem,

it is the intentions & way it is used by people that causes all the problems.

lots of love, Totally Rad 🙂

PS: What are your thoughts on social media? Do you like the idea of my Random Thoughts rants? Let me know in the comments!!!


Relaxation Station!

It is currently past twelve in the morning and I’m lying in bed with Friends on my tv and laptop on my lap. Gotta love summer am I right???

Anyways, if you couldn’t tell from the calming header image, I am doing a post on tips for relaxation. After a long day of school or just being yourself, you feel exhausted. But, if you are like me, once you get ready for bed you are wide awake! Whether you just ate a bowl of ice cream (guilty) or took long naps during the day (also guilty), you feel like this new energy is impossible to get rid of. That’s why I will provide you the DO’S and DON’TS that I have learned from my personal experiences hahaha!!!


  • Eat – I’m a person who is hungry 24/7. However, it is best to refrain from snacking or any meals up to an hour before you go to sleep. It’s not the greatest feeling to go to sleep on an overfilled stomach (@me)
  • Drink – I’m not saying to starve or thirst yourself to sleep nonoNO! It’s just best not to drink a lot before you go to sleep or else you will be waking up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom (been there, done that!). However, I recommend drinking water or tea (especially peppermint) a half hour-an hour before you go to sleep
  • Surf the Web turn off your phone*, tablet, tv*, and even your laptop a half hour before you go to sleep. Why? The bright screen triggers something in your brain to stay on and awake. Why not lower the brightness, you ask? Simply because you need a break from your electronics. Your snaps can wait until the morning. (*if you really can’t fall asleep without your tv, watch something without a strong story plot that will need you to be focus on the show. Watch something that will make you happy and satisfied.)
  • Pile Up the Layers – I love to be wrapped up in a bunch of blankets. However, during the summertime (aka NOW), too many blankets may make uncomfortable sleeping conditions. Therefore, surround yourself with appropriate sleeping conditions. For example, I wear light pjs with a fan in my room cause sometimes my room gets stuffy in the summertime. During winter however, I usually wear long pjs with my comforter covering me. Do what suits you
  • Exercise – even though it’s healthy for you, I don’t recommend to do it right before you sleep. Even though you think you will be tired right after a workout, your mind and body is still giving off those major energy vibes. Therefore, exercise 1-2 hours before you go to sleep. This will allow time for you to calm down and start to feel tired from your workout.



  • READ! – reading a book is the perfect way to wind down and relax your mind. Find a comfortable spot and dive right into your book! However, don’t read stories that will make you think or might get you a bit scared (I’m looking right at ya thrillers and mysteries!). Instead, read books that are light on the thoughts yet up-lifting.
  • WRITE! – yeahhhh maybe typing on your laptop in the middle of the night is not the brightest idea (@ME AGAIN!!!). However, writing the old fashioned way with pen and paper will also calm your mind. Some examples are starting a bullet journal to jot down your thoughts from the day (mine is still in progress). Or you can write a poem/story (but not something that will make you think a lot). You can even write out a blog post for your blog (~note to self~)
  • MEDITATE! – I know many people who think meditation is for religious people…but it’s not. It’s really just a way to relax your mind and body. I use an app* (*yes, this is the exception for using your phone) called Calm. They have soothing nature sounds, breathing exercises, and even sleep stories. You can either use that or meditate yourself by steadily breathing, close your eyes while listening to soothing sounds, and just let your mind free.
  • DIM THE LIGHTS! – whenever I hear someone say this, it reminds me of Ryan Seacrest during elimination nights on American Idol. What I really mean is to turn on a lamp and candle instead of your full room lights. I find this helpful for me as I start to calm down because it creates a not so bright and energetic environment.
  • TREAT YO SELF!pamper yourself with scrubs, face masks, painting your nails, and more! You can either DIY them or use one of your favs from a shop. The one I used tonight was the British Rose Face Mask from The Body Shop. I got a sample of it from a friend of mind AND I LOVE IT! It smells delightful, cools you down when you  put it on, and gives you a soft face as a result.
  • PLAN! – why not prepare for the day ahead! I usually like to get out my planner and put in important dates/input updates before I forget. You can also prepare your outfit for the next day, create your to-do list, or make sure your backpack has the things needed for the next day of school. Not only will this relax you, but it will also have you check off one thing on your list of things to do in the morning.
  • SHOWER! – now I know this is such a big debate on whether to shower or not to shower in the nighttime. However, I find showering as a time of the night to reflect back on my day while calming myself. To be honest, I do most of my thinking in the shower (do other people do that or am i just a weirdo? Nope, just a weirdo.). Also, getting into bed once you have showered is THE GREATEST FEELING EVERRRR!!!!!


I hope you will find these tips useful as they work for me. If you do use these tips and tricks, let me know in the comments. Also, do you shower in the daytime or nighttime? I probably should stop typing because now it is past one and I am at the point where I can watch Fresh Prince of Bel Air on Nick sooooooo GOTTA BLAST!!!

lots of love, Totally Rad 🙂

PS: Sorry I didn’t post Friday, I had ANOTHER busy busy weekend. I guess I’m a busy bee.





(end of first song….cue in Aaron Burr, Sir)

To say that I LOVE HAMILTON is utterly an understatement. I have a Pinterest board with over 500 pins of Hamilton. I even did a math project based off Hamilton (we had to create a geometric figure on the wall with tape….I created the Hamilton star with an H on top and called it Hamilton: A Geometric Figure). I also have the book with all of the lyrics to each and every song (I call it my Hamilton Bible). I sing it so much in school that people either refer to me as Queen of Hamilton…..or they just tell me to shut up cause I sing it too much. I also have my Schuyler Sisters, where I am Angelica, my other friend is Eliza, and my other friend is Peggy.

I guess I love Hamilton so much because:

  1. I love Broadway shows
  2. It defies the Broadway show stereotype
  3. It is about one of the most interesting man in U.S. History

So, in this post, I will be describing each character from the show in 5 WORDS!!! (I know….HOW?!?!) I hope you will be SATISFIED with what I have come up with. LET’S DO THIS!!!


Our beloved Alexander Hamilton

just look at that determined finger point!


*Emphasis on the STUBBORN

(I guess you can say he’s NONSTOP…..BAHAHAHA)


Aaron Burr….Sir






Schuyler Sister #1 ~ Angelica Schuyler

Fav. Leading Woman HANDS DOWN




Schuyler Sister #2 ~ Eliza Schuyler/Hamilton



*yes I know ‘doesn’t’ stands for two words NO JUDGING WHO CARES

(Sista, you are waaaaaaay too good for him)


Schuyler Sister #3 ~ Peggy



(I’m sorry but she’s not known for anything else BUT I STILL LOVE HER!!!)












UGHHHHH I WANNA DO MORE but I decided to split it up into two posts cause:

  1. There’s more people to do in so little time (It’s a thought process my friends)
  2. I need to go eat dinner

Soooooooo I hope that you loved this post as much as I loved typing it AND IF YOU HAVEN’T LISTEN TO THE HAMILTON SOUNDTRACK THEN WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE???????? HUH???????

Just you wait…..Just you..wait…

lots of love, Totally Rad 🙂


Delicious + Healthy Pancakes

Sorry for the mini hiatus on this blog! I have had such a busy week! Everything from 8th grade breakfasts to luncheons and 8th grade graduation. It has all been a whirlwind!! But, now that school is officially over, I am back to blogging *cue the applause* THANK YOU, THANK YOU ALL! I am thinking about blogging every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Also, don’t pay mind to me changing my blog design so often. I tried to do it on my own (many thanks to May @ Forever and Everly for dealing with my endless questions on blog design lolll) but little did I realize how much time and patience it takes. It’s not that I’m lazy…..well, maybe it is…but I just want it to be done right. So soon you will see my final blog design that I hope to have for a long time.

ANYWHO, enough with the babbling (I totally understand if you skipped that first paragraph), ONWARD WITH THE POST! So, if you couldn’t tell by the title, I am going to show you how to make mostly everyone’s favorite food…..


These pancakes are gluten free and refined sugar free. It is such a simple recipe that anyone and anything can do it!!……well, maybe not dogs and cats…..BUT EVERYONE ELSE! I make these pancakes whenever I know I’m going to have a long day without getting much time to refuel in between. They keep you full and satisfied (A.HAM REFERENCE) throughout the whole day! Without further ado, let’s get on with making some pancakes!

*Note: this recipe is a modified version of Karlie Kloss’ 3 Ingredient Pancakes. If you would like to see the original recipe, visit her youtube channel, “Klossy” for the video*

You will need:

  • 1 egg
  • Handful of oats (I don’t have an exact measurement but I use a little more than 3/4 of a cup but a little less than 1 cup)
  • Teaspoon of cinnamon
  • Teaspoon of vanilla extract
  • 1 medium sized banana, mashed (it’s better if the banana is ripe)
  • 1 large spoonful of greek yogurt

Toppings (optional):

  • Any nut butter (I use organic peanut butter but any other type is fine)
  • Fruits (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, etc.)
  • Honey or syrup (I use wildflower honey)
  • Almonds


  1. On a large plate using a masher or fork, mash an unpeeled banana. Transfer the mashed banana into a large bowl
  2. Add in the oats, egg, and greek yogurt to the bowl. Whisk the ingredients together until combined
  3. Add in cinnamon and vanilla. Stir until combined
  4. Spray the pan/skillet with cooking spray (I use baking spray because it gives off a little of a vanilla flavor) or coconut oil. Turn the stove to medium heat
  5. Pour batter onto pan/skillet and let it cook (I usually pour the batter in little groups to make mini/small pancakes so I can stack them)
  6. Flip over pancakes when it starts to bubble on top/is browning on the side facing the skillet/pan (approx. 3 min, maybe more or less, it varies based off size)
  7. Once pancakes are cooked, placed them on the plate you will eat them on
  8. Add toppings (optional; I usually put peanut butter and a layer of different fruits between each pancake and decorate the top with almonds and drizzle with honey)


I hope you like this recipe. I didn’t really give the amount of servings it makes because it varies on how big or small you make the pancakes. I know that out of one batter, I was able to make 4 mini/small sized pancakes. Sometimes I double the batter to make bigger sizes for more people. I recommend doubling it because you can make as many as you want and if you have leftovers, you can just place the batter in the fridge.

If you actually use this recipe, please let me know in the comments. Also, if you want to give recommendations on how to modify the recipe, I’ll be glad to listen!

lots of love, Totally Rad 🙂

PS: I know this is going up on a Tuesday but I wrote most of it on Monday soooooooo I guess I’m still following my schedule???


My Summer Bucket-List



(actually, I don’t really know what my favorite season is… that a bad thing??)

Anyways, if you couldn’t tell by the title, I’m going to show you my summer bucket-list. Or, as I refer to it, my unrealistic-yet-realistic-plans-to-somewhat-accomplish-before-I-go-to-high-school list (I’ll stick to summer bucket-list for now….much easier to say). So let’s dive into the list! (get it? ‘dive in‘? summer swimming? hahahaha thank you thank you! I’m here all night!)

  1. READ!!! – I plan on reading a minimum of 15 books this summer (is 15 a good amount? I guess it’ll do).
  2. Do more water-sports – I already like to paddle-board and kayak. I would love to learn how to surf though.
  3. Go on a dessert excursion – I’ve mentioned before that I love desserts. The fact that many new cute, little, and unique dessert shops opened up by me makes me more eager about desserts!
  4. Go zip-lining – cause…..who wouldn’t???
  5. Fly – ok so this is one of those unrealistic ones BUT there are those planes that have periods of zero gravity when you are basically floating in mid air WHICH IS FLYING!!
  6. Make a difference in D.C. – I’m taking part in an advocacy summit where I promote women’s rights, girls’ education, and more topics relating to those ideas.
  7. Make a bullet journal – I’ve heard about so many people who made one and love it but whenever I try to make one, I give up. This time, I shall persist!
  8. Get Hamilton tickets – once again, unrealistic….BUT I AM NOT THROWING AWAY MY SHOT at Ham. tickets!!!!
  9. Run a long distance– I’m trying to work my way up to a half marathon (13.1 miles….I don’t know what I’m thinking…SERIOUSLY?!?!?). The only way to do that is to continue running!
  10. LAUGH!!! – something so simple yet very much needed after a long, stressful school year.

So those are my top ten from my bucket list! It’ll probably increase in time but I’m just going to go with the flow of the waves (waves? beach? summer? I LOVE MY AWKWARD, NOT RELEVANT COMMENTS!!!). Anyways, what’s on your summer bucket-list? Do you want to fly too? Or is it just me and my weirdness?

lots of love, Totally Rad 🙂

What’s Good in the Books?


A concept so brilliant that Albert Einstein is kicking himself in his grave thinking “now why didn’t I come up with that?!?!”

And if you know me, you know I love my books.

Thankfully, summer is just around the corner which means I have plenty of time to indulge into books of all types. Comedy, mystery, thrillers, romance…you name it, I read it! Whether I’m at the beach, in my backyard, or even in my own bed, I make sure there’s a book that is reaching distance. Today (or tonight…whenever you’re reading this), I thought I would recommend some books that would be perfect to read in the summertime. The first time I tried to write this post, I rambled on too much about each book (another thing I’m known for, hahaha). This time, I will try to describe each book using 5 words. YES, FIVE. CINCO. CINQ. I guess I’ll stop talking….err…typing, now, and show you some books. WHOO!!!

For the helpless romantic…


The Sun Is Also a Star: By Nicola Yoon

Love. Has. No. Rules/Barriers.

For the thriller seeker…


The Cabin: By: Natasha Preston

Weekend. Party. Turned. To. Murder.

For the relatable life story reader…


Where It Began: By Ann Redisch Stampler

Teen. Who. Realizes. The. Truth.

For the endless laugher…

An Abundance of Katherines: By John Green


Hilarious. Witty. By. John. Green.

(To be honest…any book by John Green is sure to be one of your favorite books…am I right!!!)

For the mysterious, old-fashioned adventurer…


Bright Young Things (1st book of the B.Y.T. series): By Anna Godbersen

1920s. Big. City. Many. Secrets.

For the Youtube obsessor…


Binge: By Tyler Oakley

Funny. Heartfelt. Love. Tyler. More.

For the fantasy fangirl…


Fangirl: By Rainbow Rowell

Geeky. Fandoms. Romance. Totally. Relatable.

(The fandom described in this book was also created into a real novel called Carry On by the same author….how cool is that?!?!)

Well, that’s the end of my little book talk. I’m kinda liking the 5-words-to-describe-stuff vibe. I’m thinking about using the same concept for other stuff too. Back to the books, I hope that you will maybe read these during your endless summer days. I’m sure you will enjoy them as much as I did because these are some of my favorite authors. HAPPY SUMMER READING Y’ALL!!!!

lots of love, Totally Rad 🙂

PS: Let me know in the comments if you read these books and whether you liked them or not. Also, let me know what else you want to see on here (more book reviews, random thoughts, opinions, story-times, etc. etc. etc….the possibilities are endless!)

My *2nd* Attempt of Starting My Blog

Ummm don’t you have a blog already?

Yes, yes I do

Then why are you saying you are starting again?

Because I didn’t like how I started my blog

What do you mean you didn’t—

*reads 1st blog post*

Oh yeah, you do sound really cringey. You should really get that checked out by a doctor or–


congratulations, you just experienced the conversation that I have had with my brain for the past three or so days

Anyways, I’m Totally Rad….

the name’s rad. totally rad


….and this is my pretty rad blog.

I’m an anonymous 14 year old girl blogger. Never blogged before (your explanation for all the awkwardness) and it’s been two or three days and I still feel:


Words to describe me:

weird, fan girl, crazy, somewhat interesting, always hungry (I love desserts), feminist, independent, and did I mention that I’m crazy??

Anyways, that was my attempt to welcome you to my blog without being too cringey or by being that awkward blogger that has no idea what to say

But aren’t you just describing yourself still?


Well this post is still cringey cause who has conversations with their brain—


Well, I’ll try to come up with better content. If you have any suggestions on what you will like me to post, let me know!!

lots of love, Totally Rad 🙂

PS: I’ll probably change the color of my page cause..well…I feel like I’m blinding you with such a bright color lolll