Social Media – Random Thoughts

Okkkk sooooo long time no chat, eh???

Sorry for being in and out….I’ve literally have no idea what to do with all of this free time on my hands. Therefore, I’ve been on my phone a lot (which my mom took away from me one night cause I was on it nonstop… friend and I were doing tbh’s on Snapchat). And, if you are familiar with Snapchat, they just came out with the update where you can see where your friends are at any time of the day……aka, you can become a stalker. This has led me to think…..


The struggle is real.

I only have Snapchat (and Pinterest…if that even counts as social media) and I get soooo much anxiety from it. Well, I also get anxiety from texting people sometimes. I really don’t know. I feel like this anxiety is caused because most people are different when they are behind their electronics than in real life. Some people say things online that they wouldn’t have the guts to say in real life. Which leads me to say….

I’m scared to become fake.

I know, I know, I sound like such a weirdo.

But it’s true.

Many people don’t even realize how differently they act on social media than in real life. They can trash you on social media but are your best friend when all electronics are put aside (that hasn’t happen to me but I feel like it has happened to many people). I scared to get carried away into social media that I will change and UGH WHY DOES MY 14 YEAR OLD BRAIN GET SO ANXIOUS ABOUT THIS?!?!?

I also feel like social media helps sets up sooooo many high standards that are most of the times unrealistic. For example, many people show off their clothes and the way they look and their newest gadgets. Seeing this, especially if it is from celebrities, makes people think that is where they need to get to in order to be “normal”. I DON’T KNOW PLEASE DON’T JUDGE MY BRAIN’S WEIRD THOUGHTS!!!

However, I do believe there is an upside to social media.

It can be used to promote a good cause and to help people reconnect with each other and stay in touch. Even with all of this rant-ness, I still want an Instagram lolll.

At the end of the day, I don’t think social media itself is the big problem,

it is the intentions & way it is used by people that causes all the problems.

lots of love, Totally Rad 🙂

PS: What are your thoughts on social media? Do you like the idea of my Random Thoughts rants? Let me know in the comments!!!


My *2nd* Attempt of Starting My Blog

Ummm don’t you have a blog already?

Yes, yes I do

Then why are you saying you are starting again?

Because I didn’t like how I started my blog

What do you mean you didn’t—

*reads 1st blog post*

Oh yeah, you do sound really cringey. You should really get that checked out by a doctor or–


congratulations, you just experienced the conversation that I have had with my brain for the past three or so days

Anyways, I’m Totally Rad….

the name’s rad. totally rad


….and this is my pretty rad blog.

I’m an anonymous 14 year old girl blogger. Never blogged before (your explanation for all the awkwardness) and it’s been two or three days and I still feel:


Words to describe me:

weird, fan girl, crazy, somewhat interesting, always hungry (I love desserts), feminist, independent, and did I mention that I’m crazy??

Anyways, that was my attempt to welcome you to my blog without being too cringey or by being that awkward blogger that has no idea what to say

But aren’t you just describing yourself still?


Well this post is still cringey cause who has conversations with their brain—


Well, I’ll try to come up with better content. If you have any suggestions on what you will like me to post, let me know!!

lots of love, Totally Rad 🙂

PS: I’ll probably change the color of my page cause..well…I feel like I’m blinding you with such a bright color lolll


My Body, My Rules

I decided to make this post because my body has been a bit of a topic and I feel like many teen girls have the same problem as me. It’s not that I don’t love my body because I do, I truly do. It’s just that I get comments that I have to adjust what I wear to what “fits me better” or from boys. I just want to let you know that:

  1. I am perfectly physically healthy

I mean, at one point a doctor told me that I am “perfectly healthy, but should maybe stay away from some things from eating”. This has always made me question “is something wrong with me? Am I not like the rest of my friends?”. And I have come to the conclusion that yes, I am different from my friends. You know why?

Because I am curvy.

And I am absolutely fine with that.

This, however, used to bother me a year or so ago. I used to cry because when I went to put on leggings, someone would tell me to try something else on because it “showed off my hips too much”. However, I just wanted to wear leggings to feel comfortable. Or, people would tell my mom to watch out for boys because of my body shape. Yes, I am a little bigger in some places and smaller in others (ex: my torso and my height…lol I’m pretty short). But now, I have come to a realization that I will never be like one of those models you see on the runways or in magazines. That is because I am unique.

And you are too.

I say wear what YOU want to wear because only YOU know what’s best for your body. EMBRACE your curves and your style of body because there’s only one of you in this big world of people. Love your body, whether it’s big, small, tall, short, medium, or whatever.     If you are healthy yet your body shape is different, you are normal. Even though people say “oh you’re not normal”, there is not a specific type of normal because everyone has different normals pertaining to themselves (wow…that’s a lot of normals in one sentence). And lastly, when someone tries to change your style or anything, just say:

My body, my rules.

lots of love, totally rad 🙂

PS: comment if you have been through this too or if you have any advice for those who still under appreciate themselves. I hope this helps many of you out there.

Who is “Totally Rad”???

Hi there! Aloha! Hola! Ni hao! Welcome to my little oasis from reality! If you can’t notice from my awkward greeting, this is my very first blog post….ever. My first thoughts:

  • scared
  • excited
  • nervous
  • even more excited
  • anxious

Even though I will be keeping this blog anonymously, I can promise that I will not be fake and will express my thoughts, feelings, and energy towards my blog (saying..well, typing, my blog feels weird). I can tell you that I am 14 years old (yes..I am a teen blogger). I guess I should tell you a little more about me by stating 14 facts. Here I go:

  1. I’m a teenage girl
  2. I’m from the US…specifically east coast
  3. I’m currently in the 8th grade (but school is ending in 2 weeks which means I will soon be a freshman…WHAT EVEN?!?!)
  4. If I could, I would spend all day watching I Love Lucy, binging on Netflix, and indulging in books
  5. If I could live in any era, it would be the 1920s aka the Jazz Age
  6. I love to travel
  7. and take pictures
  8. and bake
  9. and eat (lol is that even a hobby?)
  10. I’m a feminist (which I am probably going to post about later on…who knows)
  11. I like to be outside whether it’s skateboarding with friends or paddle-boarding at the beach
  12. I’m an independent young women….which I get from being an only child
  13. I’m a total geek and fangirl (AND I AM NOT ASHAMED OF IT!!!)
  14. I’m definitely an outside-of-the-box, non-basic girl who usually keeps herself to, well, herself

For now, I think those are the standard basics about me. I hope this blog will not only benefit myself but for all of you too. I don’t know whether hundreds of people will see this or only one person. I may post every day or a few times a week…I guess we’ll let fate decide!

PS: please* (emphasis on the ‘please’) comment on what you will like me to post about, advice, or just to say hi! Don’t be shy cause I will reply (hey..that rhymes!!)


“And suddenly you know: It’s time to start something new and trust the magic of new beginnings.”    ~ Meister Eckhart


lots of love, Totally Rad 🙂