My Summer Bucket-List



(actually, I don’t really know what my favorite season is… that a bad thing??)

Anyways, if you couldn’t tell by the title, I’m going to show you my summer bucket-list. Or, as I refer to it, my unrealistic-yet-realistic-plans-to-somewhat-accomplish-before-I-go-to-high-school list (I’ll stick to summer bucket-list for now….much easier to say). So let’s dive into the list! (get it? ‘dive in‘? summer swimming? hahahaha thank you thank you! I’m here all night!)

  1. READ!!! – I plan on reading a minimum of 15 books this summer (is 15 a good amount? I guess it’ll do).
  2. Do more water-sports – I already like to paddle-board and kayak. I would love to learn how to surf though.
  3. Go on a dessert excursion – I’ve mentioned before that I love desserts. The fact that many new cute, little, and unique dessert shops opened up by me makes me more eager about desserts!
  4. Go zip-lining – cause…..who wouldn’t???
  5. Fly – ok so this is one of those unrealistic ones BUT there are those planes that have periods of zero gravity when you are basically floating in mid air WHICH IS FLYING!!
  6. Make a difference in D.C. – I’m taking part in an advocacy summit where I promote women’s rights, girls’ education, and more topics relating to those ideas.
  7. Make a bullet journal – I’ve heard about so many people who made one and love it but whenever I try to make one, I give up. This time, I shall persist!
  8. Get Hamilton tickets – once again, unrealistic….BUT I AM NOT THROWING AWAY MY SHOT at Ham. tickets!!!!
  9. Run a long distance– I’m trying to work my way up to a half marathon (13.1 miles….I don’t know what I’m thinking…SERIOUSLY?!?!?). The only way to do that is to continue running!
  10. LAUGH!!! – something so simple yet very much needed after a long, stressful school year.

So those are my top ten from my bucket list! It’ll probably increase in time but I’m just going to go with the flow of the waves (waves? beach? summer? I LOVE MY AWKWARD, NOT RELEVANT COMMENTS!!!). Anyways, what’s on your summer bucket-list? Do you want to fly too? Or is it just me and my weirdness?

lots of love, Totally Rad 🙂

What’s Good in the Books?


A concept so brilliant that Albert Einstein is kicking himself in his grave thinking “now why didn’t I come up with that?!?!”

And if you know me, you know I love my books.

Thankfully, summer is just around the corner which means I have plenty of time to indulge into books of all types. Comedy, mystery, thrillers, romance…you name it, I read it! Whether I’m at the beach, in my backyard, or even in my own bed, I make sure there’s a book that is reaching distance. Today (or tonight…whenever you’re reading this), I thought I would recommend some books that would be perfect to read in the summertime. The first time I tried to write this post, I rambled on too much about each book (another thing I’m known for, hahaha). This time, I will try to describe each book using 5 words. YES, FIVE. CINCO. CINQ. I guess I’ll stop talking….err…typing, now, and show you some books. WHOO!!!

For the helpless romantic…


The Sun Is Also a Star: By Nicola Yoon

Love. Has. No. Rules/Barriers.

For the thriller seeker…


The Cabin: By: Natasha Preston

Weekend. Party. Turned. To. Murder.

For the relatable life story reader…


Where It Began: By Ann Redisch Stampler

Teen. Who. Realizes. The. Truth.

For the endless laugher…

An Abundance of Katherines: By John Green


Hilarious. Witty. By. John. Green.

(To be honest…any book by John Green is sure to be one of your favorite books…am I right!!!)

For the mysterious, old-fashioned adventurer…


Bright Young Things (1st book of the B.Y.T. series): By Anna Godbersen

1920s. Big. City. Many. Secrets.

For the Youtube obsessor…


Binge: By Tyler Oakley

Funny. Heartfelt. Love. Tyler. More.

For the fantasy fangirl…


Fangirl: By Rainbow Rowell

Geeky. Fandoms. Romance. Totally. Relatable.

(The fandom described in this book was also created into a real novel called Carry On by the same author….how cool is that?!?!)

Well, that’s the end of my little book talk. I’m kinda liking the 5-words-to-describe-stuff vibe. I’m thinking about using the same concept for other stuff too. Back to the books, I hope that you will maybe read these during your endless summer days. I’m sure you will enjoy them as much as I did because these are some of my favorite authors. HAPPY SUMMER READING Y’ALL!!!!

lots of love, Totally Rad 🙂

PS: Let me know in the comments if you read these books and whether you liked them or not. Also, let me know what else you want to see on here (more book reviews, random thoughts, opinions, story-times, etc. etc. etc….the possibilities are endless!)