My Body, My Rules

I decided to make this post because my body has been a bit of a topic and I feel like many teen girls have the same problem as me. It’s not that I don’t love my body because I do, I truly do. It’s just that I get comments that I have to adjust what I wear to what “fits me better” or from boys. I just want to let you know that:

  1. I am perfectly physically healthy

I mean, at one point a doctor told me that I am “perfectly healthy, but should maybe stay away from some things from eating”. This has always made me question “is something wrong with me? Am I not like the rest of my friends?”. And I have come to the conclusion that yes, I am different from my friends. You know why?

Because I am curvy.

And I am absolutely fine with that.

This, however, used to bother me a year or so ago. I used to cry because when I went to put on leggings, someone would tell me to try something else on because it “showed off my hips too much”. However, I just wanted to wear leggings to feel comfortable. Or, people would tell my mom to watch out for boys because of my body shape. Yes, I am a little bigger in some places and smaller in others (ex: my torso and my height…lol I’m pretty short). But now, I have come to a realization that I will never be like one of those models you see on the runways or in magazines. That is because I am unique.

And you are too.

I say wear what YOU want to wear because only YOU know what’s best for your body. EMBRACE your curves and your style of body because there’s only one of you in this big world of people. Love your body, whether it’s big, small, tall, short, medium, or whatever.     If you are healthy yet your body shape is different, you are normal. Even though people say “oh you’re not normal”, there is not a specific type of normal because everyone has different normals pertaining to themselves (wow…that’s a lot of normals in one sentence). And lastly, when someone tries to change your style or anything, just say:

My body, my rules.

lots of love, totally rad 🙂

PS: comment if you have been through this too or if you have any advice for those who still under appreciate themselves. I hope this helps many of you out there.