My *2nd* Attempt of Starting My Blog

Ummm don’t you have a blog already?

Yes, yes I do

Then why are you saying you are starting again?

Because I didn’t like how I started my blog

What do you mean you didn’t—

*reads 1st blog post*

Oh yeah, you do sound really cringey. You should really get that checked out by a doctor or–


congratulations, you just experienced the conversation that I have had with my brain for the past three or so days

Anyways, I’m Totally Rad….

the name’s rad. totally rad


….and this is my pretty rad blog.

I’m an anonymous 14 year old girl blogger. Never blogged before (your explanation for all the awkwardness) and it’s been two or three days and I still feel:


Words to describe me:

weird, fan girl, crazy, somewhat interesting, always hungry (I love desserts), feminist, independent, and did I mention that I’m crazy??

Anyways, that was my attempt to welcome you to my blog without being too cringey or by being that awkward blogger that has no idea what to say

But aren’t you just describing yourself still?


Well this post is still cringey cause who has conversations with their brain—


Well, I’ll try to come up with better content. If you have any suggestions on what you will like me to post, let me know!!

lots of love, Totally Rad 🙂

PS: I’ll probably change the color of my page cause..well…I feel like I’m blinding you with such a bright color lolll


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